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Bushmen Records back up and running!

29 September 2014

Hey guys, so Bushmen records has some new life injected into it and we are now accepting demo's again! We will be rebranding soon and ofcourse releasing some new music! Watch this space :) Get in touch with us at

New release: Vapour by Alchesound


When you first listen to Vapour, the sophomore release of Alchesound, you will immediately hear a distinct and definite progression in sound from the first album, something that only daring exploration and fervent experimentation can produce, something that indicates a maturation in the artist and the music that they produce, a finding of their unique sound, a discovery of their voice in the myriad of sounds found throughout the world.

Vapour has it all and does not just stick to one style. There are beautiful, and even sorrowful, moments, blended in with high octane broken beats and machine's gone haywire. A moody futuristic atmosphere follows the tracks, with intrigue and mystery around every bend.

This is a a great album by Alchesound and one that would make anyone's late night hacking spree seem like its been written into a scene from Blade Runner or The Matrix.

Style: Electronic, Down-tempo, Trip-hop, Glitch

Download album here (70MB).

New release: Enlightenment by Jed Rabid


After a few months of low activity here at Bushmen Records we kick things off again with a mamoth release by Jed Rabid.

Enlightenment is a 17 track album which Jed Rabid calls Post-Dubstep with a measure of EBM and signs of Synth Pop. He continues his path towards enlightenment and what he finds along the way can best be described by him in the eery sounds he gives us in his unique brooding way.

It's the soundtrack to a dark thriller, a twisting plot, with greats leaps into the abyss and moments of hope to return again on the other side.

Style: Post-Dubstep, Synth Pop, EBM

Download album here (160MB).

New release: Combustion EP by Jed Rabid


We are once again elated to announce the second release of another of our debutant artists, this time around, Jed Rabid.

Combustion is a slow brooding EP of 5 tracks that ignites your auditory senses with Jed Rabid's unique style of dark melodies and Dubstep-like drumming, which at times almost has an Industrial feel to it. Through the well flowing movement of the tracks he offers the listener some thoughtful social commentary and ends with, perhaps, his final philosophical view on things.

Combustion is a great follow up on his first EP, Subconscious, and well worth the listen.

Style: Dubstep, EBM, Breaks

Download album here (51MB).

New release: Mechanosensitive by The Shimmer Effect


It has been just over a year since the release of their debut album and it is with much anticipation and excitement that we announce the release of The Shimmer Effect's second album, Mechanosensitive.

This album is a real gem and grows on you with every spin of its 9 solid tracks. What will immediately come to your attention is the much slower, and much more thoughtful, pace of the songs than that of their first album, Uranometria. There is an overall ambiance to the album that gives you the sense of travelling deep into a dark futuristic underground city where a brooding menace of mechanical villains are battling the shimmering guardians of light in a desperate fight over good and evil, and for the obvious need for people to have light down there.

Not taking anything away from Uranometria, which is a classic in its own right, but there is a definite maturing in sound and overall execution that can be heard and felt throughout this album. Mechanosensitive would make a great soundtrack to a futuristic thriller or perhaps, even better, the soundtrack to the sci-fi adaptation of The Lord of the Rings.

Style: Trip-hop, Down-tempo, Glitch, Ambient

Download album here (83MB).

2013, a new year, new horizons


2013 is here if you have not yet noticed or heard about it on the news.

May it be a year of great things for everyone, especially for those artists who share their creativity and labours of love with us all for free.

Here's to them and you!



New release: Mountain by The X-Structure


The X-Structure returns to us with a story of the Mountain. As always with The X-Structure there is more to it than it seems.

The album has a different sound to their more recent albums and brings something back from their earlier days yet with glimpses of where The X-Structure are now. Mountain is a welcome addition to this unique band's growing collection of genre-defining music.

Style: Electronica, Down-tempo

Download album here (41.4MB).